Watch “God Provides Lyric Video” on YouTube

Sorry to forego a formal post today, but I just had to share this song. I was lower than a snake’s belly yesterday (in my Spirit). It is not the lack or the delay in God’s answer to my prayers that get me down, but seeing the affect that this all has on my family that gets to me. Anyhow, I just thought I would share that. As a man, you feel like it is “your” job to provide. When you can’t…you feel helpless. I am learning perhaps instead we should be teaching our families that it is ALWAYS HIS job to provide…and He is good at it. Tough times are an opportunity to teach your family about Jehivah Jireh. It’s a punch in the gut, for sure, but remember the illusion that we are “providing” for our families, even in good time, is just that, an illusion. In good or in lean times He alone is always our SOLE provider.

This song was just “perfectly” starting to play when I turned the key to drive to my first job yesterday. (WMBW Moody Radio 88.9) Wow…what a Word of God for me. Had to share it with you. Let’s EXTOL Him (upcoming post tease).

Genesis 22:14 is the ONLY time this name for God is used in the Bible. Stop and read this familiar story and be reminded of His “resume” of provision.

PS: Got to my ABF at 6:30 (Brainerd Hills Baptust Church…Chattanooga, if you are looking for an awesome weekly, Bible study) and a visitor was explaining how he lost his “best” job, how God provided, and then how that loss opened the door for an even better job. Hmmm, and my son called me in the morning to pray for me. Sounds like “angels” and The Holy Ghost were working OT time to get a message to me yesterday.

If you are “waiting” for something…listen to this beautiful song…while you wait on Him. GOD PROVIDES…He has to…that is His name.


Needed: Friend for Tough Job! Ecclesiastes 4:9-12


Today a friend asked me to help him remove a popcorn ceiling. Together we worked at it for 4 hours. We got it done. I can honestly say I am not sure I could have completed it alone. I know it would have taken more than 8 hours.

Solomon explains this in Ecclesiastes chapter 4. He says, “Two are better than one. You will get a better return on your employment investment…if you hire two (my translation). He explains the power of mutual assistance, encouragement, and…when needed… even rescue.

In short Solomon teaches, “Life is hard…full of popcorn ceilings, don’t attempt it alone. Use friends. Today I was thankful for my friend Bruce. We did a very tough job, all day, and itbwasn’t even hard, or unpleasant…because…we worked at it “together”. We commented at the end that we didn’t even use a radio.

Thank God for your friends today. Give one a call and tell them how they have “helped you on a journey or a job”. Be a friend and be sure to call one, when you need a hand.

-Pastor Jim

What’s on Your Bulletin Board? -Colossians 4:6

Recently I stopped at my favorite trucking line to pick up some shelves. I never knew why this truck yard was so different. Everyone is so friendly. Everything is clean. Every ONE is clean and neat. The drivers arrive early. They all wear uniforms and look like truck drivers looked in the black and white movies I used to watch with my grandparents. Often when I arrive they are having a cookout or potluck lunch. I have been so impressed with this company that I even spoke to a manager and asked how I could work there. (Sadly it required a long internship at this location, which is nearly 60 miles from my home. While it isn’t the right fit for me, it is certainly an impressive company. )

Why are they so different? What makes them so special, so excellent, so friendly? Well the other day I glanced to the right and saw their bulletin board. “What’s on your board”, has a lot to say about who you are and what you value. What you “have on your board” often says more about “you”, than the written words actually posted on the there.

Look closely, if you can and see what special messages are scattered around this board. I was not a bit surprised, and I was very encouraged, but it got me wondering; what’s on “my board”? What “message” am I “putting out there” for the world to see. What does “what I say…and do”, say about me?

What’s on your board?

Colossians 4:6

PS: …they didn’t misspell “SEFL”…that is there initials.