Update on Transition

Hello Friends,

As I expected my Free WordPress memory allotment has maxed out. This is why my last video post (Take a Wk with God) did not appear and shows as a black screen.

I am trying to decide which professional account to choose. As this is a one year commitment, I want to make sure the plan fits my vision for our new video blog. As you know I would like to add podcasting to the website ministry.

I also have some very exciting news to share. You will have to stay tuned as the timing is not exactly right to reveal some of the great things God has done.

Finally, I am also very excited to announce that pastorjim.com will also be adding visiting and speaking in the coming year. Soon I will share more details, but God has been opening more doors for ministry in Chattanooga.

Thanks for following along. I do think pastorjim.com was, in a sense, a “seed” of faith that God has used to open other doors of ministry.

Please keep praying. More than two years ago I felt God leading us to Chattanooga. The last two years have often been difficult and trying. God has been so good and now we are beginning to see confirmation of God’s prompting and leading.

More to come


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