Hello Dear Friends and Followers,

Let me just take a moment to update you on my adventure. For those of you who have been following since January…Thank You. I hope the journey has been encouraging and uplifting. As I have explained, this has just been an experiment. If you wonder why I did not post often over the past two weeks, it is actually been due to some very good news. The Lord answered our prayer for a full-time job/ministry. I am sure I will talk more about it soon, but I am reluctant to share specifics. I want to be very careful not to mix my work world and the realm of this Bible Verse sharing blog. In any event, I have been unemployed and underemployed for nearly two years. Many have offered my part-time jobs and I have been working as an independent contractor, but I have lacked any full-time employment. God has been faithful, but it has been difficult to juggle five or six different part-time jobs and continue to send out resumes. Just over two weeks ago, God did more than we could ever have asked or imagined. He really gave us exactly what we had hoped for. This has required many interviews and much work to get settled. This good news is why the blog slowed down.

I was surprised that it slowed down during the celebration of the Resurrection. Originally I had planned for the blog to focus on the celebration of the Resurrection. As it was we were out of town on Resurrection Sunday. I did try to include a few posts about the wonderful Celebration of the Lord’s Day, the Glorious Day.

Now I am encountering a new “hitch”. My last few videos would not
“post”. I suspect that I have run out of free memory on WordPress. I will be trying to contact customer support and I may have to buy a small subscription. If I need to I will buy a small monthly plan and continue the blog. I just wanted to keep you all posted.

God Bless You and Stay Tuned,

Pastor Jim

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