Needed: Friend for Tough Job! Ecclesiastes 4:9-12


Today a friend asked me to help him remove a popcorn ceiling. Together we worked at it for 4 hours. We got it done. I can honestly say I am not sure I could have completed it alone. I know it would have taken more than 8 hours.

Solomon explains this in Ecclesiastes chapter 4. He says, “Two are better than one. You will get a better return on your employment investment…if you hire two (my translation). He explains the power of mutual assistance, encouragement, and…when needed… even rescue.

In short Solomon teaches, “Life is hard…full of popcorn ceilings, don’t attempt it alone. Use friends. Today I was thankful for my friend Bruce. We did a very tough job, all day, and itbwasn’t even hard, or unpleasant…because…we worked at it “together”. We commented at the end that we didn’t even use a radio.

Thank God for your friends today. Give one a call and tell them how they have “helped you on a journey or a job”. Be a friend and be sure to call one, when you need a hand.

-Pastor Jim

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