Ministers of Reconciliation….Luke 11:2-4 (2 Samuel 3)

My friend shared this image on Facebook today. I have never seen it before. I am not sure where it is from.

Recently I gave been reading in Samuel (as part of a tremendous BSF Men’s Bible Study-“Shameless-Plug”). Last night our lesson was from 2 Samuel 3. Ir read like a vicious, cut-throat “who-dunnit” filled with political intrigue, self-promotion, and ruthless ambition. It is hard to keep up with the cast of characters but Abner is one character who is driven by his emotions (mostly anger, revenge, and lust for power). The image above shows what often happens to such men. Abner was soon killed by another angry man seeking revenge and power.

In this story David, although far from perfect, is continually willing to forgive and “overlook” wrongs suffered by the hands (or tongues) of his enemies. He even brings justice and executes appropriate legal punishment on those who seek to harm and kill his enemies, in order to curry his favor. David goes so far as to write a song, outlining his chief enemies more noble attributes and requires all citizens to “sing it”.

Yes there is a stark difference between David and the “norm” among the men if his culture. In spite of his many and repeated shortcomings, it is this difference that allow God to continually bless, forgive, and use David. Like His God and now our Savior Jesus Christ, David becomes a minister of reconciliation, willing to set aside his own vendettas to see God’s righteous plan advance; often ahead of his (David’s agenda). That my friend is the secret to the Christian life and walk.

We see it echoed in The Lord’s Prayer, our Saviour’s “simple essay”, on How to Live Daily for God (The Christian Walk for Dummies, if you will). He says in his prayer, “help us forgive (overlook wrong done by others) as You forgive us (overlook the wrongs we have committed). So simple, yet so hard to do. And remember this was a model of DAILY prayer. Our Saviour adds in this prayer, “hallowed be Your name” and ” may You get all the glory here that You receive it in Heaven”.

Not perfectly, but I believe daily, David lived wrestling with himself, and his own personal ambitions and lusts, to be “God’s Man”; an agent of reconciliation. When God’s agenda becomes our agenda good things lie ahead for us. When our agendas leads us…well…refer to the picture above.

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