What does it mean when this verse pops into your mind? -Isaiah 26:3

Isaiah 26:3 (KJV)

3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

I was about to nod off and it was as if someone shouted this verse in my ear. The pastor’s message had hit me right between the eyes. “We are all going to go through storms”, he said. “Its not whether…but when. In fact I have learned in life that thou are either going into a storm, coming out of as storm, or are in a storm”. I smiled as I nodded my head in agreement with his assessment.

The past two years have been a little rocky for me. The weather has been rough at times but I couldn’t even say we have been in a storm. Storms are terrifying. We always look at the weather and compare it to weather we have safely come through before. We brace ourselves thinking, “I got this!”, but storms are a whole different matter. When you see cows flying around and roofs being torn from houses then you know thou are in a storm.

So many of my friends are going through storms. It scares me because they are really good and godly people. Like the pastor I don’t believe being one of God’s children gives you “storm-immunity”, in fact we know Jesus sent them “into” that storm. Our God uses storms. I think He does it because we tend to ignore Him in fair weather and He is passionately unwilling to allow us to be enamored by lesser things and live without Him.

So, he brings storms and comes to us on the water…the very thing that we are afraid of. He does the impossible, “treads on our greatest fears”, and the turns to us and says, “don’t be afraid…I am here.” We, so overcome by our fears, don’t recognize Him and scream, “it’s a ghost”. It would be funny if it weren’t so predictable and pathetic. We read of this happening on the Gennessaret Sea, to the disciples. I think it happens to me daily.

Our pastor closed with this thought, “If you worry about the past, you feel stressed. If you worry about the future, you experience anxiety. If you focus on the present, you have peace. I like that….now if only I can practice that…without screaming, “Its a ghost!”

All day long I meditated on these things. I identified and confessed my greatest fears. I talked with my family about the sermon, but inside I still fear the coming storms. As I laid down to sleep the Isaiah passage “came to me”. I think Someone was whispering Amen to a very good sermon. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I’m trying to learn to trust Him.

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