What am I trying to Do Here? Isaiah 40:8

Hey folks. Happy Lord’s Day. Hope you had a great week. This is week two of PastorJim.com. Man the learning curve is steep. I am still struggling with text editors and video editors, video time limits, and improving quality.

In spite of all the challenges I am trying to do what I believe I am uniquely created to do, share and discuss Scripture. It’s what “lights me up”. It is what I am passionate about. So, each day, when I post I am simply sharing insight on the Word that God has given me.

Secondly I have chosen to share these insights on the web, in this format because I believe the internet has become our present-day marketplace and community. Bringing God’s Word into “the conversation” should always add light and encouragement.

We do a lot in life. Faithful first responders do important things each day to keep us safe and well. Unseen mothers, fathers, grannies, and single moms do important things each day to care for individual families. Some important people like Steve Jobs have made things that have changed our world. But regardless of the significance or apparent insignificance of your contribution the Bible assures us that only one thing will last forever and that is the Word of God. The prophet Isaiah shares this important reminder with us in the book that bears his name.

Steve Jobs has been laid to rest and one day iPhones will be stacked up in bins in second-hand stores like so many type-writers and eight-tracks. Keep this in mind as you start out the new year. Incorporate God’s living Word into everything you say and do. Read it, meditate on it, pray it, share it with others, memorize it, and “post it”.

This is what I will be focused upon on this website. Each day (that I possibly can) I will post one idea, and one verse in a post that one can read or watch in 3-5 minutes. I’m not sure how I will measure “success” in this endeavor, but if I make it my aim to do this I am confident it will have a good return. Make the Bible a part of your daily focus and meditation and you will see a difference, and share in the same promised blessing, as the year unfolds.

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