Oops I did it again….Lamentations 3:23

Sorry everyone I seem to have accidentally posted the same video twice yesterday. I also created another video about “You CAN go home again” (about your weekend trip to Tullahoma). Somehow that video got lost.

Over the weekend I also had a friend give me a book to read and I read it and have prepared a review. It is called Imagine Heaven. Watch for the upcoming review and send me a title if you would like me to look at a book or write a review. I also watched a couple great movies and have written up some reviews.

Man I appreciate all the encouraging comments, let me take a second here and restate my purpose. I will make an attempt each day to write a blog post, create a quick video blog, review a book or movie, or share a song. Each day I will include a scripture reference (because nothing I, or anyone else, says really matter if it isn’t truth from the Word of God). I will attempt to keep my written posts short and my videos under 3:00 minutes ( I considered 5:00, but that seems too long. Let me know what you think).

On my page I will have several other “Pages” with some longer posts, perhaps some “topical papers”, responses to questions, and eventually some short books. I might also include some helpful DIY information and advice on “other” topics. Please write in with your questions and comments and I don’t plan to promote this site on Facebook. I hope it is shared by others and I intend to invite strangers to listen in (using my “Encouragement Bombs”, Sharing the Gospel with Strangers, and PastorJim.com business cards.

I plan to include a prayer request page (I like the interactive style on John Ankerburg’s website. Check it out. ) If there is anyone or anything you would like me to pray about let me know. If there is someone in the Chattanooga area that needs a visit, let me know. If someone needs a speaker, or someone to lead a Bible Study or discussion, let me know.

In keeping with my title, aren’t you glad God lets ups recover from “Oops”? So glad that his “mercies” (in golf we call them “mulligans”) are NEW EVERY MORNING Lamentations 3:23 . So glad he gives us a new start every 60 second, 60 minutes, 24 hours, 7 Days, 31 days, 365 days. God knows we needs lots of NEW STARTS! Happy New Year- PJ

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