Hello Everyone and thanks for joining me here on day one.  This is really just a practice run and getting my site up and running, but I thought I would take a minute and explain my purpose.  “I can’t believe I am FIFTY!…Fifty years old!”  I know it is cliché, “But man the time sure passes quickly.”  There is so much that I hoped to accomplish and so much I am thankful for.  The bottom line is as the famous philosopher Popeye was known to say, ‘I Yam what I Yam”.  Still, I realize that “I am only fifty”.  As long as there is breath in my lungs there is still an opportunity to do more. Honestly for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to live for God, serve Him and help others, be a good son to my mother and father, and a good little brother to my siblings.  Mom and Dad are gone now and my siblings have moved on and have families of their own.  My roles have changed somewhat but I find the desires of my heart have not. More than anything I still want to “live for God” (whatever that means…lets talk about that together), serve Him and help others and now I want to be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my children. Sure there are other people I interact with, but age has helped me realize you can’t do everything and you certainly can’t please everyone, so I am focusing on an increasingly smaller circle of influence.  Yes, like all of us leaving high school, I once dreamed of impacting thousands. If that happens, “Great!”; but now I am really hoping that I significantly impact only five…and eventually more if those five have children (which I’m hoping for).  Oh, and I also have always enjoyed making people smile, and if possible, laugh.  I hope I can do that here too.

So, that is what this blog/vlog, post, “online scribble-book” will be about . and will be about encouraging people to think through whether there is a God, if Jesus and the Holy Spirit really can in anyway be a part of our life, is there any thing that is absolutely always true, is the Bible really a letter from God; and, if any of these things are true, what does all of it have to do with me and how I live each and every day.

Note:  I love to write, but my grammar is atrocious.  If any of you LOVE grammar (and I know you are out there) I invite you to give me feedback on my grammar.  Hey, if you want to, I will be happy to submit posts to you in advance and have you mark them up with a red pen and send them back.  I don’t mind improving, I just don’t have the attention span to wait until I get things right.  This is just my scribble-book.  Read if you enjoy it, write back if you have a comment or question, or ignore me and keep flipping through Instagram images of “satisfying sounds that are made when people cut vegetables” (for you older people…Yes, that is what kids are watching nowadays).

So, I commit this new experiment to Our Great God in Heaven, His Wonderful, Perfect Son and our Savior, and the ever present Teacher-Comforter the Holy Spirit.  Like my mentor Craig Christener before me, I will attempt to build a friendship with you, sit down and talk,  and then open the Bible (we will use the Christian Bible here) and see what it has to say about “just plain old living in this world”.

As I said, this is really just about me having a place to jot down what I am thinking about. You are welcome to peek in, read-a-long, or post comments and interact.  If it is helpful to you or makes you think or smile I will be thrilled.  It has always been my goal to encourage others, especially in their relationship with God and the Bible.  I guess that is just who God made me to be, a simple pastor (; someone who helps people understand how to be a good Christian (


Pastor Jim

2 thoughts on “ Launches!

  1. So glad you are doing this! It is amazing how quickly we got to 50 years! I wonder how we would have been at 18 if we’d known how different our lives were going to be versus what we expected!! Can’t wait to read your inspiring words of wisdom!!


  2. Awesome Jim !!! Loved your website blog !!! Looking forward to more articles on ‘How to be a good Christian?’ I sure want to be a better Christian, but I struggle with discouragement which sometimes causes me to go inward instead of reaching out to people and making a difference. Looking forward to more of your posts !!!


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